About us

We are a team of property professionals who share decades of experience in property development and investment across residential and commercial units.

Project 3 exists because three friends, all of which are passionate about property, met up in 2016 to discuss the market. Ben, Gareth and Ben felt uninspired with many of the property projects being released at the time and believed that far more interesting products could do well in the marketplace.

We decided to do something about it, so set-up Project 3 Developments as a vehicle to create great places where people will love to live, work and socialise.

Our favourite projects are when we use the existing character and unique design features of older properties and combine them with more modern living and working spaces. We combine history with the latest building techniques to create truly inspiring new properties. We have also assembled a team of very talented professional services partners, including designers, architects and building contractors who all share our vision.